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August 13, 2007


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Welcome to the blogosphere! Great to have you here to join the discussion.


Thank You Jim for this opportunity to speak on your forum. Would you please post a comment on the termination of some of the board over the last week. I would like to know how the board feels this will affect how our voice will and can be inhanced from these actions. Thanks again for joining the 21st century.


Welcome Jim!! Thanks for starting this blog. I believe this was a big missing piece in the Quixtar/IBO blogosphere. Saddle up, it's gonna be a fun ride!


Hi there, I'm one of your moderators, and thanks for all the comments. We'll be encouraging Board members to jump in here and reply to you and offer their perspectives, but give us some time to get fully up to speed here. Not everyone around here is used to blogging yet (gasp!).


Thank you Jim and the entire IBOAI Board and Quixtar/Amway executives for continuing the dialogue and making it so easy for any IBO to send a message. After re-watching the American Dream VHS video that was filmed for Success magazine and presented on PBS television, I was wondering if now would be a good time to bring it out on DVD with some updates to include the on-line developments? It really showcases the integrity of this business and the people who continue to develop it for future generations.
Thanks again,


Hi guys!

Great idea with the blog. Is it possible to lower the prices as some of the terminated diamonds mentioned? Can the board come together and create a universal, affordable tool system so that everyone can benefit equally, and without having to feel the pressure to spend thousands of unnecessary dollars on what amounts to simple training of some basic steps?



As ibofb said, welcome.

Although you are late to the party, blogging is quite easy.

It's called communication.

Answer a straight forward question with a straight forward answer, and everything will be fine.

If you don't answer the question, you will be challenged and asked again, but the more times you do this, the more credibility you will lose.


Dear Jim and the IBOAI Board,

Thank you!

Thank you for allowing our voices to be heard, and for YOUR efforts and commitment to positive change.

We greatly appreciate all of you!




I'd just like to send my condolences to Jody "MARKERMAN" and Kathy and their families, on the passing of his mother. When it rains it pours I guess. May God bless you.


Welcome to the wonder world of blogging. Great to see some transparency and openness come to information. Guess that things in this electronic age cannot be hidden, so best to be upfront.

Look forward to things be investigated and issues worked through...

the question that sits within me, and likely in many IBO's is how to balance the tool business. All would agree that a system and tools are essential to growth. However in our market there is a large bunch of people who, like myself, have lost large (read $10 - $100 000) amount of money by investing into tools, with no financial return..... It doesn't take much logic to determine that this is bad PR for the opportunity, epically in a small market! So I hope that you'll can wrestle with this problem and find an answer....

Sure that this is somehow tied in with profitability of every IBO, retailing, lowering system costs through reducing mark up / profit flow to senior pins, or using technology aka MP3's or e books that would lower costs.

Looking forward to you'll engaging with these questions and coming up with wise and insightful answers. And may you'll find the best way forward in the current messy crisis. And please show support for the down line players, from observation when ones upline diamond quits the relationships get torn and things fall apart very quickly!


Jim, I saw you once in Omaha when you were making a speaking swing with Rich DeVos. I also was able to get ahold of some of your tapes. I still have them. (Yes, the one about the red sofa. too.) I must say that, in my opinion, you are truly tops in honesty and integrity and you have my utmost respect.

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