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November 08, 2007


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You mentioned the new website.

The new site seems to work OK. I am wondering what happened to the password protected site? I realize anyone going there will be assigned an IBO, which if they agree will be told who they are. You can get your whole basket full prior to having to give an ibo/key info or let Q/A choose.

If the prices, such as SA8 cost per use, [which does very well for that item, thank you] are ok, this might work, especially with the millions of advertising Q/A is doing and is going to do. The concern is Q/A “stacking” customers more than they were in the past? Is the IBO a close neighbor, or just the closest Platinum? Any more information?

I know people have been wondering since the Simply Nutrilite site was launched if Q/A is working to get rid of IBOs. I don’t think so, but it would be nice to hear it from Q/A for real. I am glad that Q/A decided the default was that the person going to the website would already know an IBO, have their IBO number and Key.

[Moderator: The IBOAI Board and Quixtar leadership discussed a fair allocation system but it hasn't been finalized yet, so we can't release details. Regarding passcode protection, that only applies to personal IBO information and not to generic Quixtar information.]


Thanks for the positive update. I know that this is going to be a GREAT year with the harmony that is now apparent with all involved.
Please keep up the good work. Kim


The message is clear and appreciate the update.
Perhaps even more can be coming for the future of all IBO's who follow the rules. The IBOAI has all the power (as stated in every Business Reference Manual provided for all IBO's in their registration materials) we need for a pro-active and positive force to represent all IBO's. The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.


We understand the intent behind shrinking the “login” link to the top corner of the page. Quixtar will generate some new customers with the mass advertising campaign, and the new site makes purchasing more streamlined for these individuals. I suspect there may be a small initial surge in customers due primarily to past IBOs and Customers who are familiar with the products but have lost contact with a supplier. This is fine but our team is finding an unintended consequence.

There is a very strong corporate emphasis on retailing. Not sure it's understood that the retail process almost always involves giving potential customers samples along with education on the benefits. That’s what we do and what separates Quixtar from Proctor & Gamble. The challenge we face as IBOs is that the product is often consumed later and we don’t usually reconnect with the prospective customer for a day or more. However, once they have the Quixtar name and product, they can now easily hit the site and put in an order. Unfortunately, they rarely remember or bother to look for the “referral” number. Look at it from the new IBOs perspective attempting their first retail sale. They get back with their new customer only to find that they’ve already ordered, and the credit for the volume went elsewhere. This has happened to us and several of our IBOs.

The reality is that the prospective customer doesn’t understand the importance of the referral number. The new site not only allows purchases without a referral, it makes it very easy. In the short run this may increase volume. In the long run it’s discouraging our IBOs from retail sales, particularly, our new non-Platinum IBOs (the ones we most wish to influence). The new IBO will probably only have this happen to them once before they stop offering samples, retailing or discussing products during business presentations. We agree with the need to make this business as open and transparent as possible to IBOs and customers. The site as it currently exists … tends to drive the opposite behavior. IBOs will tend to “hold their cards closely” to ensure they don’t lose a prospective IBO or customer to a Quixtar random assignment. It drives IBOs to avoid using the Quixtar name in presentations for fear that they will lose their prospective customer or IBO to the web site.

Below are two possible solutions that we would like to offer:

1) Our first recommendation would be that an IBO number be required to complete the purchase. For those customers who are driven to the site by the current mass media campaign, they would be referred to an IBO, as is now done with those interested in the business. By the way, without a referral number required to purchase, it would appear that Quixtar is suspending several Rules of Conduct, such as 4.2.3, by allowing mass media advertising to open retail purchasing. If no referral number is required, does Quixtar intend to also allow individual IBOs to use mass advertising to their personal Quixtar web sites in order to compete with Quixtar for direct customers?

2) If allowing individuals to do mass advertising is not a part of the transformation and Quixtar wishes to keep the open web site, there is another option that IBOs may be comfortable with. Simply modifying the opening page so that prominently displayed is a notice and login link that covers the benefits of using a referred IBO number to make purchases. Currently you have to have a magnifying glass to find the “login” link, and until you get to the end of the purchase, there’s nothing that even suggests a referral is needed. Honestly, as a new customer going through the order process, how hard would you hunt around to find some referral number that appears to offer you no benefit? Why not offer initial one-time free shipping (order less than $75) or some small discount or other benefit to those customers who use an IBO referral number? This could be prominently displayed on the opening page, and then again when they get to the end of their purchase process. This wouldn’t slow down the purchase but would give an incentive to customers to find their referral number or contact the IBO who introduced them to the products.

Either of these actions would help alleviate many IBO’s rising but I’m sure groundless fear that Quixtar’s transformation is intended to bypass IBOs in the future.


Re: my post from 11/8/07:

From the quixtar ozone blog..
In the blog below.

"At present,
To be eligible to receive customer leads, an IBO must:

Be a Platinum or above, be in geographical vicinity, follow Quixtar business rules, have a valid eMail, have minimum personal PV (200), have sponsored at least one IBO in the past 6 months or have 5 new IBOs in their group in the past 6 months.

All "stumble-in" customers and 100% of their PV/BV is assigned to an IBO - either one that the customer provides, or one that is assigned via the leads process. The customer information will be provided to the IBO only if the customer gives permission. If they don't the volume is awarded to the assigned IBO anonymously.

However, the eligibility criteria and the process are currently being revisited to make sure that that they are optimal for the Customer, the IBO, and Quixtar."

I haven't found this in the rules. It this what is being discussed?


Question about the new Quixtar website. Why have they added a cart to allow JOHN Q. PUBLIC to shop with out any IBO information. I had asked my upline but was not given a clear enough answer to satisfy my concern.


I would also like clarification on the new site. It really feels like the coorporation is willing to sell to anyone, regardless of an IBO connection. Also...I no longer feel comfortable sending a prospective customer to the site, as they may order something and the volume will go to some random person...most likely a platinum, but what about all of us still reaching for platinum. We are also quite capable of servicing a customer...

I would like to know what the IBOAI board is doing about this issue.


"The IBOAI Board and Quixtar leadership discussed a fair allocation system but it hasn't been finalized yet, so we can't release details"

My vote for requirements to have 'stumble-in' leads forwarded by Quixtar is:

Have any IBO what wants them call the Corporation or select that option on the site. You don't want to be sending stumble-ins to those that won't do anything with them.

The IBO needs to have been an IBO for at least 3 months and have a a registered customer that has ordered products more than once.

The IBO needs to have reached personal 100 PTS.

I am not sure geography is a dead issue. I think you start will someone within 1 hrs. drive. I know that if they later want to build the business, 1 hr. or less helps. Yes I have caught a plane to go to CA or TN to help someone, but it is a whole lot easier if it is one hour or less. If there isn't someone that qualifies within 1 hr. or less, the person assigned needs to have the resources or want to help someone further. The assumption is that the customer should have the option of becoming an IBO and can expect help from whoever Q/A assigns.

I think assigning these to Platinum and up should be a dead issue. The goal of the Corporation is to help the 1st circle. If someone signs up as an IBO, hits their 100 personal pts, signs up someone as a registered customer, who actually orders more than once, and the IBO is still around and interested in receiving stumble-ins after 3 months, I would send it to them.

"Regarding passcode protection" wasn't what I was asking, it has to do with the "gated community" we were told about in 1999, now being totally gone. The update of a leads program, or someway to search for an IBO similar to Tupperware would help with the wide open "gate".

Q/A needs to keep the board around, and not just year to year. It needs to be respected more, which didn't happen in June 2007. No public "We are sorry" from Q/A?

When the board picked the extra board members, they forgot someone to represent the LOS destroyed by August 2007, of course, my upline diamond is now Dexter.


Comments re: new site..
I noticed Amway UK doesn't let you buy anything until they assign you an IBO number in advance, by request. I thought this was the way Quixtar.com started. Is Quixtar.com leading the way, or trying it out? In other words, is Amway going to have the same open site as Quixtar now does?

Another example of a closed site is the new fanista.com that Alticor has been funding. I haven't seen inside, but unlike what has been reported in the press the last week, I have NOT seen any information about the fanista.com site from Quixtar.

"A spokeswoman for Quixtar said the company's distributors have been notified about Fanista and are free to join, but the company is not doing anything special to get Amway distributors involved in Fanista yet."

It seems like joining would not follow the anti-compete rules.


As I'm sure many IBOs are wondering, what is the IBOAI's take on Alticor's new launch of FANISTA, which appears to be a competing business with Quixtar? Do they plan to discuss with Quixtar/Alticor management why FANISTA was not incorporated with the new Qiustar business model instead of launching as a separate business competing against IBOs?

[Moderator: I'm sure that this, like all new products and services, will be discussed with Corporate reps at the next IBOAI Board meeting in February.]


For as long as I’ve been an IBO (over three years now), non-IBO referred customers have always been able to purchase directly from the website. So this isn’t something new with the website redesign. As for it be a “password protected” site, that wasn’t truly the case either. A non-IBO could access the site and view the core line products and then make a purchase.

Gene Kittelson

What am I to do?
I was sponsored into a Team LOS, I don't know what is left of my upline, I hear bonuses earned aren't being paid, I hear of a IBO board that is enthused at being ignored by the Corporation.
The opportunity that I saw 20 years ago and 6 months ago has disappeared.
Is there a real opporunity here?

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