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March 10, 2008


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I am a Platinum and have dealt with renewals for a few years. The Corp has renewed me automatically. It makes sense. Also, my experience has always been positive with the way the Corp takes care of IBO,s wishing for whatever reason not to renew automatically or on the other hand requesting to renew after the the year ends due to an oversight.

Mij in Jax

I for one love the automatic renewal program! I would hate to take the chance of forgetting to renew. Seems like if someone wanted to quit and they were on auto-renewal, all it would take would be a phone call to the corporation to inform them of that fact. I feel certain that their renewal fee would be refunded and their business terminated as they requested.


i think it is great. much better then pre 99' when we had to always call in and give a cc#, or mail a check.

as soon as it was available, i was in.

you have to opt in for it to work, and the only reason i could see anyone having a problem with this is because they were opted in and decided to quit when they had a substantial enough business to warrant the corporation to assist them to stay profitable.

the average 2500PV business usually has more people involved in it then the average small business that is here in the US. WITH NO OVERHEAD

can figure out why someone would not want to keep that?!?

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