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March 30, 2009


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Bill Hawkins

I had the privilege of knowing Dick and working with him for over 25 years. He was tough, would never back away from a challenge, had a heart for people, was fair and operated with 100% integrity at all times.

He was unique in this business and his influence touched Worldwide Group, all lines of sponsorship, foreign markets, Amway Global, Alticor, etc.

We all miss him, but I was honored to be able to know him and work with him for over a quarter of a century. His life of service will never be forgotten by those who knew him.

Jonathan Rosario

I've never had the privilege of meeting Dick, but it felt like he always had my back. Every time I thought of a new idea for the business, there was Dick implementing it or beta testing it already with a team of people. I regret not being able to know him, but as it is, I felt like I did.

Jonathan Bernstein

Dick was what, in Yiddish, is known as a "mensch." Defined as "a person, esp. a man, regarded as being honorable, decent, and responsible and having strength of character." He also had a marvelous sense of dry humor, and I know that he, as a devout Christian, would have appreciated my taking the liberty of using a Yiddish word to describe him. I will miss him.

Jody Victor

Dick will be missed and remembered. He was as unique as they come in this world. Dick was energetic, fun, wise, determined and skillful in working to build people.
Dick felt led to build people and ask questions to get more out of others around him.
I worked with Dick on many projects and he was a rock. I personally will miss him.
In my office I have his photo receiving the coveted Fred L. Hansen Award (The Freddie) to remind me of all Dick brought to the table and his genuine love for people.


I feel that Dick Davis was a person that had a driven purpose in his life. Though I never had an opportunity to meet him, he always pushed to help each and every IBO feel independent yet integrated with the Amway Global company. We had a voice. And thanks in part to him, we still do. His work will be forever remembered.

Thanks Dick. We will miss you.

Kevin Stroh

Thank You Dick for spending the last 25 years selflessly serving people. You were a Freedom Fighter on the front lines and we will miss you dearly. Your legacy will not die with you...

Sean Parr

not having personally meet Dick Davis I understand that he was a key player in the World Wide Groups' development of the organization
proof of that is the 4 years we've been in business building our dream, WWDB has always improved in leaps and bounds every single year which is a reflection of solid leadership
thanks Dick I'll see you on the other side

Jim & Pam Chua

Dick Davis touched so many lives by communicating and negotiating business changes necessary, in changing times, which helped all of us have an efficient, profitable business. His selfless giving will help many families and generations to come. We appreciate so much all his efforts in the World Wide Group and miss him.


It is unfortunate since I am new to the business to have never had the opportunity to see or benefit from hearing Dick Davis speak, but I thank him for all of the contributions he made to Amway and to the World Wide Dream Builders organization. His wealth of knowledge and love for this business and his teachings will be truly missed!!! The Twin Dolphins family would like to extend our deepest condolences during this time to the Davis family.

Raising Men & Women of Influence

I was fortunate to have the chance to meet and talk with Dick on a couple occasions. It was obvious that he was a first class man. He will impact people that never had a chance to meet him far beyond his years on this earth. We wish his family all the best.

Summer Brant

My Family was extremely blessed to be very close friends with Dick Davis and his family. What an incredible man! He was such a great Mentor & Friend for All of Our organizations and we will forever hold him dear in our hearts!

He left such a great legacy for thousands of people all over the nation!

Gary & Patrice Andrews

Dick was a gifted businessman. He not only knew what it took to succeed in business but knew what unique things an organization like WWDB needed to succeed. You could tell it mostly was his untiring work ethic. But he also had this love for us that just made it all so special. A great, great man.

Dion Richardson

While I did not know Dick Davis personally, having been a part of Amway Global through World Wide for the past 7 1/2 years, my wife and I have had the privilege of hearing him speak and reap the benefits of his genius in making the organization cutting edge. We will miss hearing him at functions and on Kates. We thank God for his legacy to WWDB and the entirety of Amway Global. Blessings to the family.


I am deeply grateful to Dick Davis and the Davis family for his contributions to our business. He was an incredibly hard worker who also had vision and purpose.
The legacy he leaves can be seen in the leadership of WWDB and how well the corporation has run without him. The greatest test of a leader is the leaders he raises up behind him, and certainly WW is in good hands because of the way Dick led the company.

David Hemme

Dick Davis has had a tremendous positive effect on the life of every IBO through the World Wide Dreambuilders system. Although I met him only on one occasion I considered him a friend. His impact on our business is legendary.

Robert & Felicia Vann

Although we were not able to meet him in person, Dick Davis has been a tremendous blessing to us and our business. His energy and drive was inspiring. When he spoke he made us feel that he was working for our particular business and not just for World Wide as a whole. He was a good man and will be greatly missed.

Impact Player

I'm not certain where this quote originated from, but I remember hearing Dave Severn quote it a few times...

“The best use of your life, is to so live your life, so that the use of your life, outlives your life.”

Not knowing Dick personally, but being involved in the World Wide organization, I feel that I have gotten to know Dick and would say that his life absolutely exemplifies this quote. Dick leaves us all in a much better place than where we all were before his time here with us. He is a great man and will be missed greatly.

May God continue to bless those he leaves behind!

Bryan Lind

I did not know Dick personally, but have been involved with World Wide Group. I know that this man has been a great leader and done so much for our organization. The best part is that he has touched so many lives in a positive way and his legacy lives on. I hope that I can be half the man he was and have a positive impact on others like he did.

May God Bless you and your family.

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