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September 08, 2009


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It is great to have the Best Practices area! It gives us a chance to refresh our memories or learn about the things that make this business fair.
There have been times that I've met someone who ends up being in another organization. It is wise to just encourage them and cheer on their L.O.A. because we expect that the same would happen if one of our team members was in the same situation. Besides there is more than enough area and people for all of us to succeed together!

Bibi Ablack

I Have had a situation where my Platinum upline showed a plan on my behalf at a home meeting at my home to a prospect. The prospect then attended the ECS at the Radissin hotel in Toronto with me,They were introduced to the speaker as my prospect, The following week the speaker and his downline went to the prospect house ( The prospect's wife is the speaker's downline friend. They were at the ECS when I brought the Prospect there) They bombarded the prospect and would not leave their home for 6 hrs. until the prospect signed up with them. The rules are in place but not necessarily being followed. What can one expect from the IBOAI board in such cases?

[Contact the Business Conduct & Rules Dept. at Amway Global and they will sort it out. If you aren't satisfied with the results, the Board will help with an Informal Hearing under the Disputes Resolution Process. Moderator.]

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